COVID-19 Our Response

Ensuring our passenger safety

Woking Airport Transfers continue to provide our attentive and professional transport services across the UK, with additional measures in place to ensure you get to your destination safely.

Passenger Advice

We advise our Passengers take the following precautions when travelling with us in relation to COVID-19. Our advice is based on the latest UK Government COVID-19 guidance for the transport sector.

We advise you not to travel with us if you are feeling unwell or are exhibiting symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)
Although not required, you are welcome to wear a face mask
Our Drivers are instructed to sanitise all commonly-touched surfaces of their vehicles between journeys; you may however (with the driver’s permission) use your own disinfectant wipes for additional peace of mind
Use tissues to catch coughs and sneezes and dispose of them safely after exiting the vehicle
Maintain physical distance, not shaking hands with the driver or sitting next to them where there is available seating in the back
Use hand sanitiser when appropriate and avoid touching your face

Windows down a touch

This helps improves airflow through the vehicle.
Avoid touching the vehicle interior and exterior door handles – your driver  will open and close your doors. Try not to use the electric windows too. Your chauffeur will be happy to oblige.
Sit in the back, on the left – Our advice is to enter the vehicle via the near-side rear passenger door (diagonally opposite the driver) and to sit in the near- side rear passenger seat for the duration of the journey. This is the maximum distance you can be from your driver. Helping to reduce airborne transmission of coronavirus.

air conditioning

Your driver will set the air-conditioning to extract. Never to recirculate. The chauffeur may also open the windows as well. The latest guidance says that good ventilation can help reduce airborne transmission.