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Free 1 hour waiting period when you arrive at the airport.

Usually 1 hour is plenty of time to get your luggage and get through customs.

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Please note Heathrow and Gatwick airport charge included £5 to drop off passengers

Waiting charges after 1 hour as follows

£20 per hour or part thereof (example if it takes 1 hour 30 mins, 1 hour is free so you get charged £10 for 30 minutes)

Prices shown below valid between 0700 and 2200 and include £5 Heathrow and £5 Gatwick drop off charge

Taxi PricesVehiclePrice
Taxi Woking to Heathrow AirportSaloon Car£50
Taxi Woking to Gatwick AirportSaloon Car£75
Woking to Stansted Airport TaxiSaloon Car£150
Woking to Luton Airport taxiSaloon Car£110
Woking Taxi to London City AirportSaloon Car£145

Heathrow and Gatwick meet and greet costs

When booking a taxi from Heathrow airport with meet in arrivals option, the parking costs are as follows. By default the cost is £7.50 which covers 29 minutes only.
Additonal parking costs apply if it takes longer to get your luggage or getting through customs.

0 – 29 minutes£7.50
30 – 44 minutes£11.00
45 – 59 minutes£13.50
1 – 2 hours£17
2 – 3 hours£20.00
3 – 4 hours£23.30

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